Norman had nearly 200 short stories published between 1938 and 1944. During that span, he often sold between two and three stories a month while simultaneously working on novels. By 1944 Norman had book deals in place and could concentrate on writing novels full time. He continued writing short stores, with more than 400 published during his lifetime. Below is a listing of Norman's stories along with where and when they were published.
1. Youth Shall Be Served Limelight 02/14/1934
2. Every Man For Himself Grit 05/13/1934
3. The Strange Quest Cowboy Stories 06/1934
1. Gun-Doctor's Death Cure  Ace-High 01/1938
2.Cottonwood Justice  Western Trails 02/1938
3.Boothill Pays Double  Star Western 02/1938
4.Trigger McKeever's Gun Gospel  10 Story Western 04/1938
5.Snowbound - With A Hangman!  10 Story Western 05/1938
6.Casting Our Characters  Writer's Monthly 05/1938
7.Gun-Guest's Welcome  Star Western 07/1938
8.Brand Of The Brave  Big-Book Western 08-09/1938
9.Gunmaster's Decoy  Western Aces 08/1938
10.Pawn Of The Owl-Hoot  Red Seal Western 09/1938
11. Tin-Badge-Law Redemption  Complete Western Book 09/1938
12.Cattle King From Purgatory  Ace-High 10/1938
13.Idaho---Merchant of Death  Dime Western 10/1938
14.Live Decoy for Bushwackers  Star Western 11/1938
15.Hangnoose Friendship  10 Story Western 12/1938
16.Mortgaged Guns Don't Miss  Ace High 12/1938
17.South - To Boothill  10 Story Western 12/1938
1.When a Cowtown Greets a Killer  10 Story Western 01/1939
2.Powdersmoke Professor  10 Story Western 02/1939
3.Gunman's Heritage  Two-Gun Western 04/1939
4. Half-Pint Nighthawk  Ace-High 04/1939
5.Rusty Badge - Ready Gun!  Star Western 04/1939
6.Last Ride of the Owlhoot Posse  Star Western 04/1939
7.First Lesson for a Killer  10 Story Western 04/1939
8.Judge, Jury - And Grave-Digger  10 Story Western 04/1939
9.Empty Holster Heritage  Western Novel & Short Story05/1939
10.Law Badge for the Lynch Mob  Ace-High 05/1939
11.Obituary from the Owlhoot  10 Story Western 06/1939
12.The Noose Hangs High  Western Story 07/01/1939
13.Big Enough for Boothill  Dime Western 07/1939
14.Bootcamp Badman  .44 Western 07-08/1939
15.Hangman Gets a Name  10 Story Western 07/1939
16.Colt Curtain Call  Western Story 07/15/1939
17.Range-Cub's Battle-Bargain  Western Short Stories 08/1939
18.When a Texan Takes Cards  Western Fiction 09/1939
19.A Plumb Peaceable Killer  Ace-High 09/1939
20.Horse-Breaker from Purgatory  Western Story 09/09/1939
21.Hogtied To Trouble  Western Story 09/30/1939
22.The Sheriff Who Sided with Satan 10 Story Western 10/1939
23.McKeever's Ghost-Town Showdown  10 Story Western 10/1939
24.Scarecrow in the Saddle  Western Story 10/28/1939
25.Kin to the Untamed  Western Story 11/04/1939
26.Reunion in Gunsmoke  Ace-High 11/1939
27.Coward Wanted!  10 Story Western 11/1939
28.Gunman from the Grave  Top-Notch Western 12/1939
29.Mate of the Demon  Mystery Novel & Short Story12/1939
30.Red Blood for the Lone Wolf  Big-Book Western 12/1939
31.Medico's gun Medicine  Western Story 12/09/1939
1.The Man with the Golden Gun  Western Story 01/20/1940
2.Plots Sprout From Names  Author & Journalist 02/1940
3.Lights Out for a Gun-King  .44 Western 02/-03/1940
4.Outlaw's Oath of Office  10 Story Western 03/1940
5.Jailbird's Judgment Day  10 Story Western 03/1940
6.Gunsmoke Cures Cabin Fever  Western Story 03/16/1940
7.Ranch of No-Return  Western Story 04/06/1940
8.Six-Gun Reckoning  Western Story 04/13/1940
9.The Man Who Borrowed Boothill  Complete Western Book 05/1940
10.Hot Lead With Printer's Ink  Western Story 05/18/1940
11.No Rest for a Town-Tamer  Ace-High 06/1940
12.Man They Called the Gun-Wraith  Two-Gun Western 06/1940
13.Sixguns or Spurs?  Big-Book Western 06/1940
14.Steel Rails to Hell  Ace-High 08/1940
15.Button's Gun Chore  Western Story 08/03/1940
16.Twenty-Four Hours to Boothill  Western Story 08/31/1940
17.Killer in the Hills  Western Story 09/07/1940
18.Draw and Eat Dust  Western Short Stories 09/1940
19.The Kid Gunsight Range Called King  Complete Western Book 09/1940
20.Heartbreak Trail to Paradise  Rangeland Romances 09/1940
21.Wagon-Train Terror  Frontier Stories Fall Issue 1940
22.Return of the Gallows Ghost  Greater Western 09/1940
23.Trail Drive to Boothill  Western Story 09/28/1940
24.Blizzard Brothers  10 Story Western 10/1940
25.Last Roundup  Western Story 10/26/1940
26.The Vigilantes of Hell's Half-Acre  Ace-High 11/1940
27.Let the Dim Trails Call  Western Story 11/23/1940
28.Coffins for Tomahawk Town  .44 Western 12/1940
29.Damn the Vigilante Gallows!  Big-Book Western 12/1940
1.Doomed Cargo  Western Story 01/04/1941
2.Author Deserts House  Writers Digest 01/1941
3.Satan's Sombrero  Western Story 02/01/1941
4.Fifteen Wagons to Hell  Ace-High 02/1941
5.Honor of the Owlhoot Breed  New Western 03/1941
6.Double-Barreled Westerns  Writers Digest 03/1941
7.Dead Man's Boots  Western Story 03/22/1941
8.Ghost-Town Gunsmoke  Western Story 03/05/1941
9.Trouble-Shootin' Team  Western Story 05/03/1941
10.The Coward Who Waged a One-Man War  Complete Western Book 05/1941
11.Gunhawk's Reckoning  Wild West Weekly 05/31/1941
12.Powder-smoke Postmaster  Western Story 06/07/1941
13.A Case for Gun-smoke Court  Wild West Weekly 06/28/1941
14.Six-Shootin' Schoolmaster  Western Story 08/02/1941
15.Killings Asks For An Encore  Wild West Weekly 08/02/1941
16.Six-Gun Songster  Wild West Weekly 08/30/1941
17.Kid Who Bucked Satan's Six-Gun Syndicate Western Novel & Shorts 09/1941
18.Boothill Baits A Trap  Wild West Weekly 09/06/1941
19.Gun-smoke Wedding Gift  Western Story 10/04/1941
20.Texas Born - Hell Bent!  Complete Western Book 10/1941
21.Turn of the Trail  Western Adventures 10/1941
22.Killer's Last Lesson  Dime Western 10/1941
23.Death Marks A Back Trail  Western Story 11/01/1941
24.The Bullet Pledge of Marshal Shane  Dime Western 11/1941
25.Test of the Gun-smoke Trail  Wild West Weekly 11/08/1941
26.Trail-Spawned Triggers  Western Short Stories 12/1941
27.Outlaws Can't Win  All Western 12/1941
28.Shave and a Killing - Two-Bits!  10 Story Western 12/1941
29.Irons Hung Up For Good  Wild West Weekly 12/27/1941
1.Hellion's Homecoming  Western Story 01/17/1942
2.Showdown Beyond the river  Western Adventures 02/1942
3.Gunsmoke Traqil to Peace  10 Story Western 02/1942
4.Whang-Leather Loyalty  Western Story 02/21/1942
5.Voices of Vengeance  Wild West Weekly 02/21/1942
6.Trail of the Boothill Brand  Wild West Weekly 03/21/1942
7.Packets to Boothill  Western Adventures 04/1942
8.Hell and Hot Lead Will Never Smash us Western Novel & Shorts 04/1942
9.The Faith of Fighting Men  Big-Book Western 04/1942
10.The Auctioneer of Cemetery Crossing  New Western 05/1942
11.Code of the Canyon Country  Western Story 05/02/1942
12.Killer Horse  Western Story 05/23/1942
13.Last Chance Trail  Western Adventures 06/1942
14.Guntown's Last Day  Wild West Weekly 06/06/1942
15.Ghost-Haunted Gunman  New Western 07/1942
16.The Windmill of Damnation  Ace-High 07/1942
17.Hate Rides the High Country  Western Adventures 08/1942
18.Hot Lead Loco  Complete Western Book 08/1942
19.Redemption Range  Western Story 08/01/1942
20.Thunder Under Thorsville  Wild West Weekly 08/15/1942
21.Hoodooed Hombre  Wild West Weekly 08/29/1942
22.Texas Cattle Means Blood and Guns  Western Novel & Shorts 09/1942
23.The Son of Smoky Sunday  .44 Western 09/1942
24.Trouble Stalks A Wool Train  Western Story 09/26/1942
25.Bullets and Indian Beef  Wild West Weekly 09/26/1942
26.Heir to the Danger Brand  Western Adventures 10/1942
27.Feud Guns In Furnace Basin  Western Story 10/10/1942
28.Gun-Ghost's Return  Western Story 10/17/1942
29.Boothill Cuts the Cards  Wild West Weekly 10/24/1942
30.Old Spurs Jingling  Western Story 11/07/1942
31.Powder-smoke Preacher  Wild West Weekly 11/14/1942
32.The Man Who Bought Boothill  Western Story 11/28/1942
33.Gun-smoke Boomerang  Western Adventures 12/1942
34.Bearpaw Pays Back  Real Western 12/1942
35.Smoky Medicine  Western Story 12/19/1942
1.Men of Texas, Buckle On Gun-Belts!  Western Novel & Shorts 01/1943
2.Badlands Trigger Trap  Western Story 01/16/1943
3.Gun-smoke Grandstander  Western Story 01/30/1943
4.Beef Bound For Boothill  Western Adventures 02/1943
5.Last of the Outcast Clan  Western Adventures 04/1943
6.Boothill 'Round the Bend  Western Story 04/03/1943
7.Boothill Returns A Telegrapher  Western Story 05/29/1943
8.Skull Valley Showdown  Western Adventures 06/1943
9.The Doctor Rides With Danger  Wild West 07/1943
10.Sodbusters Come In Behind Six-Guns  Complete Western Book 07/1943
11.Return of the Rimfire Kid  Wild West 07/17/1943
12.Death Waits At Dodge  Western Story 07/24/1943
13.The Devil Was A Drifter  10 Story Western 08/1943
14.By The Cowman's Code  Western Story 09/04/1943
15.Showdown At Keyhole Pass  Wild West 09/1943
16.Doc Comanche's Gun-smoke Debt  Western Story 10/02/1943
17.Land Beyond the Law  Western Adventures 10/1943
18.Sheriff Size  Wild West 10/1943
19.The Bushwacker  Western Story 10/16/1943
20.Gun-Shy Gambler  Western Story 11/13/1943
21.Trouble on Trinity Range  Western Story 11/27/1943
22.Danger Rides the River  Western Adventures 12/1943
23.Code of the Crossdraw Kid  Western Story 12/11/1943
1.That Dusty, Bloody Trail  Dime Western 01/1944
2.Squatter's Showdown  Western Story 01/08/1944
3.Doomed Freight for Eldorado  Western Story 01/22/1944
4.Sawbones' Salvation  Western Story 02/05/1944
5.Trouble-Shooting Music Maker  Western Story 03/1944
6.Boothill Cargo  Western Story 04/1944
7.Muddy Water Gambling Man  Western Story 05/1944
8.Guns For A Glory Rider  Western Story 05/1944
9.New Twists to Old Themes  Author & Journalist 05/1944
10.Thorson of Thunder Gulch  Toronto Star Weekly 07/15/1944
11.Gun Law For Hungry Gulch  Western Story 07/1944
12.Phantom of the Faded Trail  Complete Western Book 10/1944
13.Trigger Call For A Free Trapper  Western Story 10/1944
14.Rebel Rides the Glory Trail  10 Story Western 10/1944
15.Manhunt in Ovando  Western Story 12/1944
16.Joker in the Devil's Deck  Western Story 12/1944
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