Norman had thirty one hard cover novels and two short story collections published. Click on the links below for more about each book.
  The Gunsight Kid
  Gun Handy
  The Six Gun Syndicate
  The Stampede Kid
  Lord Six-Gun
  The Thundering Trail
  Thorson Of Thunder Gulch
  Silent In The Saddle
  The Valley Of Vanishing Riders
  Dead End Trail
  The Rider From Yonder
  Cactus Cavalier
  The Devil's Saddle
  The Feathered Sombrero
  The Thirsty Land
  Shadow On the Range
  Stormy In The West
  The Phantom Spur
  Tall Man Riding
  Ghostly Hoofbeats
  Long Lightning
  The Rawhide Years
  Broken Wagon
  Night Passage
  Stranger From Arizona
  The Badlands Beyond
  The Valiant Ones
  Rope The Wind
  Reckoning At Rimbow
  The Hard Pursued
  The Trembling Hills
  They Rode The Shining Hills
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