Norman at age 24
Norman graduated high school in 1929. He would have loved to go to college and study journalism, but the family was unable to afford it. Instead Norman completed a correspodance course in bookkeeping from LaSalle Extension University in Chicago, Illinois.
In the meantime, Norman dabbled in writing. He sold his first story, "Youth Shall be Served," for $5.00 in 1933. The story was published by Limelight magazine in 1934. Norman had two additional stories published that year.
Norman's father Alfred unexpectedly died after a short illness in 1935. Norman assisted his mother with getting the estate settled and planning to care for her family. Florence eventually bought a house on 8th avenue North and 10th street in Great Falls.
Norman married Patsy Caufield , who he had been dating for some time, in 1936. Norman worked as a bookkeeper and office manager for Pat's Body Works, an automobile repair company in Great Falls. In time, Norman's brother Elmer joined the company to work as mechanic and repairman.
As Norman and Patsy went about married life and with a full time job, Norman's writing was put on hold. He was still interested in being a writer, but did not have the time to pursue it. He had no work published between 1934 and 1937.
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