Norman's High School Graduation Photo
As a child Norman was known for his sense of humor and his great imagination. He loved to make up adventure stories that he would tell to his siblings and friends in Great Falls.
During summers in his teenage years Norman and his older brothers would travel to Sweetgrass and help out on his aunt and uncle's farm. It was here that he learned to ride a horse and use a rope. Evening's were spent listening to stories about heroes of the Old West.
Norman attended Great Falls High School in the late 1920's. He was interested in writing and journalism. Norman was editor of the high school newspaper, "The Iniwa" and also worked on the school yearbook, "The Roundup."
Norman's imagination, interest in writing and sense of humor can be found in an unpublished manuscript that was written around this time. It is titled "The Rowdy Boys at Reform School" and features his brother Elmer and his best friend Gino Peressini as fictionalized hoodlums that get sent to the Montana Youth Correctional Facility.
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